art and home design
Hello. I’m Lisa Fogt (last name rhymes with “boat”). Nice to meet you. I’m a wife, mom, and visual artist. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, and something I decided to do after our move and major renovation.

I have heard that if you visualize something hard enough it can turn into reality. That seems to be the case for me, as this home is exactly the layout I had dreamed about for years. I had visualized a split level with a vaulted ceiling, open-concept main floor, leading to bedrooms upstairs. Then one day we walked into this home and it was…perfect, or at least would be after a renovation.

I have moved a lot over the years, from my roots in southern Ontario, to St. John’s, Ottawa, Pittsburgh (where I met my husband), and back to southern Ontario. We currently live by Lake Ontario, near Toronto. The best thing about living near the lake is hearing the ship horns in the distance. It never gets old.

Career-wise I’ve been a professional archaeologist, barista, and software developer. Basically, I like to change things up every now and then. Lately I’ve been thinking about a return to my earlier passions – drawing and painting. All of you creatives know just as I do that once a creative, always a creative. If you deny it, it will find ways to come out of you, which is why I have had design, photography, and baking on my mind for so many years. Years in which I was writing theses, or code to connect to databases, or juggling the myriad tasks of motherhood. A creative always finds a way to let it out.

Thanks for reading, and your patience as I find my voice here on this blog. You can also find me on Instagram where I spend an unreasonable amount of time to get a photo just right, because my creative mind expects nothing less.