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December 12, 2018

A Minimal Christmas

When Peter and I were first married and living in our new home, I remember wanting to go all out in Christmas decorating. We started with virtually nothing except his little bachelor Christmas tree (which is now in our son Alex’s room). Every Christmas season we bought more ornaments and decorations.

When Alex was born it got even more exciting. We bought him a few very special ornaments every year for his little Christmas tree. We stopped when he was around 10 years old, as his tree was quite full by this point. Here’s a shot of it today:

Minimal Christmas Simple Christmas

I’m so happy we did this for sentimental reasons. Now when we open up his ornament box it’s like visiting sweet memories of his childhood. Even better, he gets so excited to see his favourites. I hope he will always treasure them.

Last year I decided to purge some of our decorations, keeping only the ones that truly meant something to us. The result is a faster setup (and tear down!). Keeping it simple has made this Christmas a lot less stressful, so we can focus on what’s really important: baking. 🙂

We kept the focus on our bedrooms, the entrance and the living room. I added simple, natural touches, including clipping some branches from the conifers in our yard.

To Sum Up Our Minimal Christmas:

  1. Keep the decorations contained to a few living spaces only
  2. Keep only those decorations you truly love and purge the rest
  3. Forgo buying greenery by clipping conifers from your yard, (or your neighbour’s if they don’t mind) 😉

Here’s a view of our minimal Christmas home this year. Enjoy!

Minimal Christmas Simple Christmas

Minimal Christmas Simple Christmas

Minimal Christmas Simple Christmas

Minimal Christmas Simple Christmas

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