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August 4, 2018

Why Your LikeToKnow.It App Is Not Working

Are you frustrated with the App? When you screenshot your pics does absolutely nothing happen? I decided to write this post because a) the FAQ on the App did not address my issue and b) I could not find ANY information about my particular problem on the Internet. How weird is that? problem solved

If product info is not appearing in your App, I may have discovered why. Here’s what happened to me…

I recently joined rewardStyle as an influencer and was excited to post my very first enabled picture on Instagram. My first step was to use the rewardStyle app (not to be confused with the app) to enable my photo for use on social media. To clarify, the rewardStyle App is solely for the use of influencers. Then, I downloaded the app from the App Store. This is the App that anyone can use – the one you need to shop your screenshots.

The App is where the pictures you screenshot in IG or Snapchat appear with the relevant product information. They should appear when you click this icon: problem solved

However, when I screenshot my pics in IG, and then came to this App for the info, I simply had a message on this window that said I didn’t have any likes! (they will likely change that to “screenshots” since liking a photo no longer does anything).

Here was my solution. First, I clicked on this account icon in the upper right corner: problem solved

Then I switched my “Match My Screenshots” slider to enable: problem solved

I received this message, which is the App asking for photo access: problem solved


As you can see, the problem was that I wasn’t allowing the App access to my photos: problem solved


I switched the “Never” to “Read and Write”: problem solved

At this point, when I returned to the app it refreshed itself and now when I click on the Account icon I see “Clean Up Your Screenshots” instead of “Match My Screenshots.” problem solved


More importantly, my screenshots started working! Yay!! And if you’re already seeing this message (“Clean Up Your Screenshots”) and your screenshots are still not appearing in the App, go to your phone’s Settings, then find the App and make sure you are giving “Read and Write” access to Photos.

If you are going through the same problem I hope this post helped! And if you have any questions please feel free to ask me on Instagram. 🙂 XX

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