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May 2, 2017

Small Bathroom Reno Inspiration | bathroom reno inspo

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I’ve had bathrooms on my mind lately, so much so that I might be seeing tile patterns in my sleep. Today I’m going to show you pictures of my tiny bathroom, which needs some TLC in a big way. I’m just in the beginning stages of the planning process – the part where I gather inspirational photos from the gazillion bathroom options out there and narrow it down to a handful that really speak to me.

Without further ado, here is what I like to call our “baby” bathroom: | Bathroom Ideas

Basically, with the exception of the lean-to shelf, it’s exactly as we found it from the previous owners. I’m guessing they added the Ikea Lillangen sink cabinet, maybe the mirror, but that’s about it. The tile looks really old and dated, as does the light fixture and shower install: | Bathroom Reno Inspiration

I lowered the exposure so you could actually see the current light fixture. It looks like a dressing room light. I actually don’t mind it but we can do better right?

hellohomeblog | Bathroom Reno Inspiration

Eek. In almost two years of living here we have NOT used that shower yet!

As you can see, we need help here. My plans are for new everything: flooring, glass shower install, wall tiles, fixtures and lighting. Not sure if we’ll get a new toilet at this point, I think it depends on the budget. Also, that Ikea sink cabinet fits perfectly in the space, so we’ll likely just keep it and paint it white. I bought that lean-to shelf from Ikea not too long ago but now I’m wondering if it’s too bulky for the space.

Here are some ideas so far.

I’m thinking of white subway tiles for the shower, in addition to the rectangular built-in nook: | Bathroom Reno Inspiration

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For the flooring, I’m leaning towards a trendy geometric patterned tile: | Bathroom Reno Renovation

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Or this, which I think is my favourite: | Bathroom Reno Inspiration

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And here’s the same tile but in black: | bathroom reno inspo

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I’m not sure what to do with the floor tile in the shower install. I was thinking of using the same tile as the floor, but I’m noticing that no one seems to do that. There must be a reason?

As for lighting I have my eye on this light fixture from Cedar and Moss, and apparently so does the rest of the design world as I see it in bathrooms everywhere: | Bathroom Reno Inspo

I like this mirror from CB2 but am worried that it is too bulky for the small space: | bathroom reno inspo

I’m thinking this option would be better: | bathroom reno inspo

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As you can see, our bathroom space is really tight so it’s important to keep the finishes light and airy. It’s also important for me to select a floor tile that I can incorporate elsewhere in the house for a consistent look and feel. The main bathroom was already renovated when we moved in, but maybe I’ll be able to use the tile on the far wall: | bathroom reno inspo

Hmm, the possibilities….

I have no idea when we’ll get around to renovating our “baby” bathroom, but I can’t wait for that day. It would be nice to transform it into pretty and stylish. And hopefully by that point I’ll get my hands on a wide angle lens so I can take better pictures for you.

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