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April 3, 2017

Vaulted Ceiling Inspiration | The Vaulted Ceiling

Are you a visual person? Do you celebrate the day Pinterest came into your life? Or Houzz? For so many of us, things (concepts, ideas) make more sense when they are visually laid out. When I need ideas on how to do things – anything – like a vaulted ceiling, I naturally turn to the Internet, and Pinterest in particular. Last year I pinned a lot of vaulted ceilings. It may have been a problem.

These were some of my favourite pins from my vaulted ceiling research. I think you will see a pattern…

Check out the pitch on that ceiling. Love the white heaven, with natural wood, baskets and pops of black.

White cabinets, ikea metal pendants, natural wood and a bit of greenery. I don’t mind the different tones of wood here.

White walls, wood tones, greenery, and a pop of colour. This may be a scissor truss ceiling.

Another example of different wood tones. Love the natural tones, white walls, and pops of orange and blue.

Love the natural bricks, wood floors and rails, white (of course), and hits of gold.

Again, the white heaven and natural wood combination. There is no plank ceiling here, with the textural element represented by the brick wall instead.

Did you see a pattern? Everything is open and bright. There is texture on either the walls or the ceiling. And, I guess I’m a sucker for white + natural wood + a bit of greenery + a pop of something! I still have to work on my ‘pop of something’ in my own design, but I have an idea. You’ll just have to wait and see. Got any suggestions?

To see the stages of the vaulted ceiling renovation, visit this page.

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Photo Credits: One (Hello Home) | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

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