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March 14, 2017

Dream Home | Dream Home

I never thought we would find our dream home when we embarked on a home search almost 2 years ago. I had been searching for the “perfect” home, one that was in the right location, that we could afford, and that we could transform into something with a modern, Scandinavian feel. Given the prices of detached homes in our area (we live near Toronto) I felt it would be virtually impossible to accomplish. However, after neighbours in our freehold townhome complex decided to turn their entire front yard into a concrete slab, I decided enough was enough, we had to move.

This was our former, first home. We loved it. It was where we brought our babe home, and watched him grow over 8 years. | Dream Home

Having finally made the decision to move, we knew that we wanted to live either near the lake or in a rural setting surrounded by farmland. I had been doing my own online real estate search for literally years, and I had NEVER found anything that could satisfy our criteria of affordability, location and style during that time. Of course, the cool thing about having a realtor is that you can get real estate listings sent to your inbox as soon as they come up. We spent about a month going to open houses on our own, and our realtor Eric had shown us 6 homes when I got the email for the listing of our current house. I still remember the moment I looked through the pictures. It was by the lake, stylish, uncluttered, and I spotted midcentury sputnik pendants. These people were my people.

It was a side-split built in 1969. From the moment we walked in I envisioned blowing out the ceiling and taking down a couple of walls to make a huge open living space, something I couldn’t do with other potential homes because they were either 2-storey or the living space was too confined. It felt like home to me. Not too big, or small. And, having grown up near the lake it was nice to get that “lake feel” again, something in the quality of light and air. I went home feeling really excited, and spent the rest of the night doing research – local schools, room sizes, walking score, etc.

There was an open house at the property the next day, and when we returned dozens of people were there checking it out. I already had the feeling that these people were in my house. We put an offer in later that day and after a bit of negotiation, got the house! Even though I loved the home it was STILL hard to give the go-ahead to make an offer, knowing it would mean saying goodbye to our first home (I’m pretty sentimental about things). Not to mention it hardly took any time to find this dream house, which made me wonder if we should wait it out a bit. But, thank goodness we didn’t because we all LOVE this home and we’re so relieved we got it. I never saw a home come up afterward that was more perfect for us. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Stay tuned for my post on how we started the reno planning. In the meantime, please share in the comments if you found it hard to leave your first home. Or am I the only sentimental one?

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