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March 12, 2017

Ikea Pax Closet Doors Hack

Modern Home Ikea Hack

This had to be one of my favourite parts of the renovation. I had no idea what to do with our entryway closet but I knew it had to have a modern, minimal look.

My husband Peter suggested I check Ikea. I hadn’t realized I could buy the doors only from their Pax wardrobe systems. Luckily for me Ikea was having their wardrobe sale. I selected the Farvik white glass sliding doors (59″ wide x 93″ high) for its clean, modern look.

The Closet Space Before

Here are a couple of pics of the entryway before:


Here’s what the space looked like after the demo:

First, James, our contractor, straightened the sloping closet.  Then he extended its height and reinforced its top.

Ikea Pax Door Closet Installation

According to James, the first and hardest part of the installation was determining the distance between the top and bottom rails. The bottom rail must be raised enough to allow the doors to clear the floor. When installing the top rail, James placed additional screws along the top edge (high enough for the castors to pass underneath) for reinforcement. Also, he didn’t just screw this into drywall. Those doors are VERY heavy (or so I was told). The screws are attached to a 2×6 strip framework behind the drywall (see pics above). | Ikea Pax Sliding Doors Hack

Post Update: James recently reminded me that he used a reciprocating saw (pic below) to remove the lip portion of the upper rail. This lip would normally attach to the top of an ikea cabinet. By sawing it off the rail can now sit flush against the wall.

Then he installed the bottom rail, first placing a solid wood strip along the bottom with plywood above it to fit. You only end up seeing a bit of the solid wood strip so if you attempt this make sure it roughly matches your floor.

⇈ View from the inside of closet.

Then he assembled the 8 glass panels onto the doors, and then the doors into the rails. Finally, he installed the side rails.

The Reveal

I love how it turned out. There is a ton of space inside, plenty of room for all our seasonal coats and shoes, shopping totes and some cleaning supplies. I’m so happy we didn’t end up tearing down the original lopsided structure.

And if you’re wondering if we trip on that bottom rail all the time (James was certain that we would!), we do not. It’s never been a problem for us. | Ikea Pax Sliding Doors Hack | Ikea Pax Sliding Doors Hack | Ikea Pax Sliding Doors Hack

From the Inside

You can see the side-by-side shoe racks (old ikea purchase) inside and the continuous shelf and rod system that I picked up at Home Depot.

Thanks for popping by! If you’ve got your own Ikea hack to share, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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